Alan Evans - Amir Kasraie coaching testimonial

“I’ve gained so much from my first programme of coaching with Amir. I initially made contact when I was wrestling with a big decision about how to take my business forward without compromising other parts of my life. Amir wasted no time in getting right to the heart of it, heightening my self-awareness of what I love about my work, what holds me back when I’m facing critical decisions, and, most important of all, what’s truly important to me in every area of my life. Armed with all of this new information my path became so much clearer. So, after just a few sessions I am much happier - and I know this because we measured it!

As a coach Amir was a perfect fit for me. Challenging and supportive in equal measure. Always working to my agenda. Generous with his time and his knowledge. Clear in his methods. 100% invested in my success. I have no hesitation in recommending Amir.”

Alan Evans, Coach at
John Stevens - Amir Kasraie coaching testimonial

I had always been under the impression that coaching was kind of like therapy and my experience with therapy wasn't great. I used to see a therapist and she was a nice enough and helpful lady, but the experience was kind of like taking some aspirin for a headache...the pain would come back and just like the headache, my issues would come back and I felt frustrated that she was unable to sort them out for me. Then I came across coaching and it dawned upon me that perhaps I didn't need a therapist, but rather a coach. I spoke to a few different coaches and didn't feel particularly drawn towards working with them, except for one: Amir. This guy has been around the block a few times and is totally fearless in his approach. He will tell you things directly, clearly and without any sugar coating and that is exactly what I wanted. Amir has an uncanny ability to see right through most things that I put on the table and this has given me the belief and conviction to grab the bull by the horns and enjoy my life. I really am grateful to Amir for so much.

John Stevens, Senior Investment Manager

Kaleisha Morgan

I had heard about life coaching through a good friend but I had no idea about it and what it could do for me. My life situation had become a little overwhelming and I was starting to struggle with my priorities and work/life balance. I reached out to Amir with some degree of uncertainty, but from the first email, through to the two hour consultation, I felt that Amir was so easy to talk to and that he really understood me. We agreed to work together for a couple of months and during this time, I found out quite a bit about myself and together with Amir's firm but friendly advice, I managed to make some very pleasing changes for myself. I have now become so convinced about the benefits of having Amir as my coach, that I decided to continue with him for longer period so that I can deal with a number of new things in my life. For anyone who has been thinking about having a coach, you should contact Amir and meet him for a consultation, you won’t regret it. Thank you so much Amir.

Kaleisha Morgan, Digital Marketing Director

Antony Veevers

"I can honestly and openly say that working with Amir has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life so far!  Amir is a wonderful listener, who I immediately warmed to during our initial face-to-face meeting at his home.  This immediately put me at ease, safe in the knowledge that I could share whatever information that I wanted with him knowing that he wouldn't judge me but rather he would listen, ask questions and offer advice and support that ultimately has allowed me to see the wood from the trees!  His skills as a life coach are very organic and well-rounded making him an absolute natural when it comes to coaching people and you very much get the sense that this is more than just a job to Amir, it is actually a life-fulfilling experience for him as well. Thank you Amir!"

Antony Veevers - College Lecturer

Jules Wallis

“I met Amir when I was at a crossroads in my life, and having just made a couple of big personal and professional decisions, I was struggling to determine what was important to me and in which direction I wanted to direct my energy towards. Amir was the exact voice and presence I needed at this time. They say genius is taking the complex and making it simple – this embodied Amir’s approach to my lack of clarity. A combination of structured and progressive time-management strategies alongside simple and clear analogies helped shift my mind set towards getting the maximum return of investment on my time and effort. His coaching has left me more optimistic and prepared for my short and medium term future in years. I cannot thank Amir enough for his guidance. Thank you!”

Jules Wallis – Personal Trainer & Strength Coach

“I thought coaching was only for competitive sports in games like football and tennis or Chess, where you have a winner and a loser. When I met Amir, I learnt the game of life can also have a coach and that if this game is played properly, everybody’s a winner; me, my family and colleagues. He helped me declutter my mind so I can see my shortfalls and resultant problems more clearly. I thought this would be scary, which is why I’ve tended to close my eyes and back away from observing them. On the contrary, it was eye opening and very positive. Together Amir and I dispassionately took stock of the issues in my life and one by one we illuminated/improved and in many cases transformed them. I feel empowered and in control. Thanks coach!”

Enrico F. – Owner / Managing Director of an automotive company